We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us, so please drop us a line at windowtoyourbaby@gmail.com or call us at (847) 818-0777. Below are a few things our clients have told us.

We used 4D Imaging for my 1st pregnancy and the service was exceptional! The prices were very fair and packages offered were great! Staff made us feel so comfortable and welcomed! I’m so excited to be coming back with my 2nd pregnancy! Would absolutely recommend 4D Imaging to anyone! Thanks so much! A.Miller  9/2/17

Love love love the experience we had here! Came with all the grandparents and siblings and our baby was sleeping. The technician not only was energetic and fun, but also did a whole lot to wake baby up and keep our spirits up! We choose to come back and do a redo appointment to have the baby awake and get better pictures- second appointment was just hubby and I- and our technician was again so energetic and bubbly and fun to be around. Her gracious spirit really made the experience so much better! Seeing her excitement made our exciment even greater, so welcoming, and great customer service by scheduling prior to the appointment ! Would definilty recommend! Nicole C. 8/26/17

It was such a great experience to see our baby girl and her facial features! My husband really enjoyed the experience! I would highly recommend 4d imaging! Cassandra B. 8/26/17

This place is amazing! I was there this past weekend and recommend it to anyone considering a 34/4d utlrasound. J. Rakowski 8/12/17

We came here two times now and we have nothing but great things to say about them! Great clean office and very friendly the staff won’t stop until they get great images of your baby. We have been to the a different place in Chicago in the past and this place stands out from the Chicago place because of the facility and prices. Highly recommend! Joe D. 8/19/17

Absolutely amazing facility! Felt just like a spa! Jacqueline D. 8/11/17

We were very excited to find out the gender of our first baby at the 20-week ultrasound. We walk out of the hospital 85% sure that our baby was a Boy!! I knew I wanted to get the 3D ultrasound just so we could get a glimpse of our baby boy. I started searching online and found 4D Imaging. We waited until I was 27 weeks pregnant to get the best pictures. So, we go there thinking we are going to see our baby boy and find out it’s actually a girl. At first, we were confused and thought maybe they made mistake. They check several times and nope the baby was definitely a girl. We actually went back for a mini session 2 weeks later and the baby was still a girl. I’m so thankful I found 4D Imaging and cannot express how good their services are. Our baby girl, Monica, was born in February 2013. Our experience with 4D Imaging has been so great that we came back in 2015 for our second baby, Vanessa, and just last week to get a glimpse of our third baby girl. Thank you 4D Imaging for all these memories!!!!

Avila Family 7/31/17

This was an amazing day thank you for the visual and the heart beat sound heart I still have today. D.Marie 8/1/17

So worth it. Was the best thing I ever did. The pictures are so clear and wonderful. I’m having a girl!! The woman was so sweet and nice. Would recommend to everyone. Dave W. 6/18/17

I went to big place 5 years ago but there is no comparison. This place is small but hands down the best. So friendly, so nice, so knowledgeable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them! They are low cost but highest quality I’ve seen. Just the best! So impressed! Heather B. 6/3/17