We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us, so please drop us a line at windowtoyourbaby@gmail.com or call us at (847) 818-0777. Below are a few things our clients have told us.

Very sweet , family friendly environment, phenomenal bedside manner , the imaging is spectacular! All with plenty of frills.  The ultrasound alone is fabulous and gave the best images I have ever seen as a nurse and as a patient.  This will really brighten your day ! 🙂 Jamie S. 3/8/18

Being me as a very picky person and at my first pregnancy, I did a lot of research where is the “best” place to go to get my ultrasound. I have checked and compare so many different places and finally picked this place even we live an hour away. Boy, I am so glad I did! Me and my husband was so pleased from the beginning service to end. Yolanda was perfect! She was kind, patient, and really made us comfortable and took the time to take good pictures of my son. We feel so welcomed and so worth every penny we paid! We took the long session and the little plush stuff toy with my baby’s heartbeat was super adorable and me and my husband get to listen to it whenever we want. I am actually going back on my 32 weeks just because. I sincerely do highly recommend this place among the others. I love the pictures, video, freebies and the above and beyond service. Again, thank you for an outstanding service and will see you again soon!

Tip: Drink plenty of water and when you are maybe half an hour away eat or drink something sweet. When you get to the building, try to do a little stretching so it will give you the best outcome and see your little one clearly. Rafella B. 2/12/18

Amazing experience! Thank you for being so patient and kind and letting us come back that same day when the baby was sleeping throughout the original appointment! You knew how important it was to me and wouldn’t let me leave there without knowing the sex of my baby as early as 15w4d! THANK YOU SO MUCH. We will definitely be back at 30 weeks! Cahena 2/22/18

I think it’s perfect! I loved everything!! Thank you!! N. Gallardo 2/4/18

Amazing experience absolutely had the best service possible. M. Faulk 2/3/18

Yesterday I had a great experience with the HD live ultrasound! I don’t remember the tech’s name but she was really nice! My baby girl was such a little diva posing. I found out that her favorite pose is putting her hands underneath her chin. It’s crazy how I got to see her yawn, stretch, do the duck face, smile, play with the umbilical cord, move her hands, and all that good stuff. Glad I did this! Highly recommended doing it if you are expecting. I’m from Indiana and the drive was well worth it. Vanessa G.

Great experience I would highly recommend! This is our second time doing 4D imaging and the video and pictures were even better this time around. Very Friendly and personable staff. Acevedo 1/28/18

We have had 3 of our 4 children’s images done here!! We have even lived in Indiana for 2 out of the 3 of them and we have traveled back just to come here!! It is so family friendly, great images and a very intimate setting!! Thank you 4d imaging for all of our lifetime memories!!!! M.Regan 1/14/18

We absolutely love going to Window to your Baby and seeing our precious babes! We just went for our third time and had another wonderful experience! so sweet and works so hard to get the best pictures possible! It’s also very clean and She makes you feel like your baby is the most special baby in the world! We have countless memories of 3D/4D ultrasounds of our son’s and are so grateful to this facility for those! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Marcy L. 1/6/18

I had a wonderful time with my family we got to see our daughter and my family loved it and the workers are amazing and wonderful. Anahi A. 1/6/18