We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us, so please drop us a line at windowtoyourbaby@gmail.com or call us at (847) 818-0777. Below are a few things our clients have told us.

I had a wonderful time with my family we got to see our daughter and my family loved it and the workers are amazing and wonderful. Anahi A. 1/6/18

I have been going to the 4D imagining LLC since I was pregnant with my first son 6years ago! When I got pregnant with my second child 2years ago I knew exactly where I wanted to go to see my baby. This place makes you feel so welcome, the technicians are extremely nice and you are treated like a queen. You get to lay down on a beautiful bed and they do everything possible so you get the best images. You can bring your family in and they also sit comfortably in the room. I recommend this place to all of my friends and family members because again, they’re the best! I am 15 weeks pregnant now and I scheduled an appointment to find out the gender of my 3rd baby! I want no one other then the 4D imaging LLC to share this experience with! Thank you for continuing to give me the best experience! I will also be back when I’m around 30weeks pregnant to get more images of my growing baby since this is my last! Sarina R. 1/4/18

I was referred to check out 4D Imaging from fa riend. I am so grateful that we did! Our first appointment was around 28 weeks, however my daughter slept the whole time and was facing inward so we only got 2 side face shots. We were able to come back for a redo and it was definitely worth it. I am so happy with the images and can’t wait to meet her in February! The technician was extremely friendly and kind. She made the appointment enjoyable and fun! Brandi N. 12/8/17

Great experience!!! The technician was amazing, warm, and gave great advice. My daughter had both hands up by her face but with some wiggling and turning, we were able to get an incredible view and some really clear footage. Could not recommend this enough!!! Vic t. 11/15/17
Tips: definitely drink your water and get some sugar right beforehand so baby cooperates.

this place is amazing! super clean, relaxing, and comfortable!   best ultrasound tech that we have been to. Definitely recommend! She makes your whole experience extremely personable and is just as excited to see your baby as you are!! The images that we received are amazing and great quality! Alex W. 10/29/17

This was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to see our amazing baby and record the heart beat into a small stuffed animal! The technicians were very friendly and amazing company to guide us through this wonderful experience! We highly suggest it!! E.Doyle 10/27/17

An amazing service from start to finish! My husband was very hesitant at first, but everything changed once we were here. The room is big enough for up to 6 people, and they make the whole experience comfortable and exciting from start to finish! We even got a stuffed animal with our baby girl’s heartbeat. I highly highly recommend 4d imaging to any expecting families! Cassie M. 10/22/17

Sooooo great!!! Would recommend going to all my pregnant lady friends!! Very patient and want to get you the best results possible. My little guy had his umbilical cord all by his face so the images weren’t clear. So she recommended to come back in a few days and drink a lot of water. And it helped!!! I am so happy with out pictures!! 10000000% satisfied Monika M. 10/17/17

Thank you so much for fitting me into the schedule last night and for my princess great picture the tech was so awesome and did a great job getting pictures even though baby was hiding thank you!!! M.Mateos 10/14/17

AMAZING BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! So happy my husband and I chose to come here for our baby’s HD ultrasound pictures was such a lovely person and made sure I was comfortable. The setting was calm and inviting. I definitely recommend coming here to any parents seeking HD/4D/3D images. Happy parents to be!!!! Zaira C. 9/17/17