We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is important to us, so please drop us a line at windowtoyourbaby@gmail.com or call us at (847) 818-0777. Below are a few things our clients have told us.

“Super Nice!!!! totally recommend it” Martha M. 5/3/18

Really nice lady and definitely recommend to anyone. C.Cardenas 4/13/18

It’s always a great experience coming here. The technitian is so nice and professional I highly recommend This place!!! Sarai 4/13/18

I just did this best experience ever and great price HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 4/6/18

Thank you so much again! It was a beautiful experience and my family and I were very pleased ? it was so nice meeting you, and if I ever have a second baby I’ll be going to you again. Kassie 4/4/18

You get the most amazing experience, thank you for letting me see my baby girl before I meet her ?. 4/1/18 

I really loved the staff. They were very attentive and answered all my questions. I also was able to invite my family to join us in the viewing. I would recommend anyone to come and see their little ones here. Rachel G. 3/20/18

Son muy amables las señoras. Mi familia y yo disfrutamos mucho del ultrasonido. Fue una experiencia inolvidable.Todo está muy limpio y organizado. Algo que me gustó mucho es que hay muchas cosas para comprar, para darle la sorpresa a los que no nos pudieron acompañar o para tener de recuerdo. Quisiera darles 10 estrellas!! Estoy muy contenta con las fotos que me dio la señora! Juliana B. 3/17/18

I just want to say I love that I can make an appointment so easily thru Facebook! I like your company already! 3/13/18

Very sweet , family friendly environment, phenomenal bedside manner , the imaging is spectacular! All with plenty of frills.  The ultrasound alone is fabulous and gave the best images I have ever seen as a nurse and as a patient.  This will really brighten your day ! 🙂 Jamie S. 3/8/18