Baby Ultrasounds Near Glendale Heights, IL

Our mission is to create memorable experiences for you to share with your child in the future. Experience joyful family bonding, and see your baby in the womb with our baby scans.

Are you looking for a 4D or HD baby ultrasound near you, 22 miles North of Glendale Heights?

Our fully qualified sonographers will welcome you and your baby and help you create memories you will never forget. 

We value our customers and know you’re all busy moms-to-be, which is why we open on evenings and weekends and are available to call until 10 pm, 7 days a week at (847)818-0777. Alternatively,  email or fill out our online appointment request form to make an appointment.

We have same-day appointments available, and we’re located on Arlington Heights Road, just a 30-minute car ride from Glendale Heights. 

Check out our Google Maps link to see the quickest route to Window To Your Baby from your location.

Included in every package

  • Minimum of 4 glossy images
  • FREE redo visit if it’s a gender reveal baby ultrasound and your baby is hiding the gender (return appointment must be within 2 weeks of the first appointment)
  • Listen to your baby’s heartbeat
  • Optional gender check
  • Digital images emailed to you (typically 25+)
  • $50 off a Digital Album or Prints at “made u smile” professional photography

Optional Add-ons

  • Email or USB of all saved images $10
  • Gender Reveal Cannon $12
  • 2 Gender Reveal golf balls $10
  • Heart Recorder with baby’s heartbeat $12
  • Heartbeat Plush $25-$35
  • $30 additional charge for twins

Please note: Prior to your scan, please ensure you are properly hydrated for 5 days before your 4D ultrasound. Drinking 2 liters of water daily for 5 days prior to your scan enables us to obtain the best possible images for you. We want to provide you with an AMAZING experience, and we need your help in order to do that. Together we can make unforgettable memories. You do not need to have a full bladder at your appointment.

Choosing a Baby Ultrasound

Our ultrasound packages are listed below. You can bring 4 people with you to your appointment to bond with your baby in the womb. Children are welcome to attend.

Have a look at our ultrasound packages below, and then visit our ultrasound calendar and click on your due date to determine the best time to come in for each stage of your pregnancy journey. Many families come in 3 times during the pregnancy to see the baby grow.

Our expertise is in gender determination, family bonding, and obtaining 4D images of your baby in the womb.  We have packages that offer video streaming so your loved ones can watch the ultrasound LIVE!  You can also save the ultrasound video for the baby to watch in the future. So precious!  Please consult your doctor for any diagnostic concerns or ultrasounds. We do NOT provide the baby’s measurements or weight. We count on your doctor to provide that to you.

6-14 WEEKS


A quick, painless DNA blood test (from Mom) that determines gender with 99.9% accuracy.

14 WEEKS +


Up to a 10-minute ultrasound session in 2D technology to determine the baby’s gender. 


A 15-minute ultrasound session in 2D/4D/HD-live (5D) technology, to determine the baby’s gender.


A 20-minute ultrasound session in 2D/4D/HD-live (5D) technology, with glossy color and black and white photos, and lots of digital images.

TWT SPECIAL, $110 (Only valid Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

A 15-20 minute ultrasound session in 2D/4D/HD-live (5D) technology, with glossy color and black and white photos, and lots of digital images.


ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE, $179 (Most popular package. Limited time offer)

A 30-minute ultrasound session with advanced 2D/4D/HD-live(5D) technology, with glossy color and black and white photos, lots of digital images, and extra time in case your baby is hiding.


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    We are open 7 days a week, evenings and weekends, and we answer our phone until 10 pm.

    Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have. In the event we are assisting a customer, please leave a message, and we will promptly return your call.