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We are 4D Imaging LLC, where expecting parents arrive excited about their 4D ultrasound and HD Live ultrasounds. How are we able to constantly make an already unforgettable moment even more special? It’s simple! We use the latest 4D ultrasound in Arlington Heights and HD LIVE ultrasound technology, which allows us to provide the highest quality ultrasound images available. As a parent, seeing an image of your unborn child with such clarity is one of life’s most intimate experiences. With such high quality imaging, we start gender reveal ultrasounds at just 15 weeks, as opposed to the usual 20 weeks. To ensure accuracy, we see the gender multiple times before congratulating you on your soon to be son or daughter!

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Please note, we start our ultrasounds at 15 weeks gestation. Thank you Gender Celebration Package $99*  15 min. session . See baby in 2D/4D/”5d”  (must be between 15 weeks to 22 weeks pregnant) gender determination FREE disc of images, usually over

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Such an exciting time to start bonding with your baby. We start our ultrasounds at 15 weeks gestation. After reading the below please click on your due date to determine the best viewing time.

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3D 4D Ultrasound Gallery Curious of what your baby may look like during different intervals of your pregnancy? Take a look at our 3D/4D ultrasound gallery and click on the different weeks so you can see what to expect. Many

Our mission is to provide memorable 4D and HD Live ultrasound experiences that you can share with your child in the future.

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to create a picture of the baby in the uterus or womb. Ultrasounds can be a very special part of the pregnancy. It’s the first time you and your family are introduced to the baby. Obtaining prenatal medical care is required prior to visiting our facility. We offer a unique experience than the medical ultrasound procedure done at your doctor’s office. Often times, husbands, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends are not allowed nor have work hours that permits them to attend the ultrasound performed at the doctor’s office. A 4D/HD Live ultrasound experience at 4D Imaging brings families and friends together so all loved ones can partake in the joy of the new baby.

Often times the technicians at the doctor’s offices are too busy with getting the baby’s measurements so there is not much time spent on getting good face images of the baby. With years of experience, 4D Imaging LLC has the experience and training needed to obtain clear ultrasound images. We focus on sonograms of the face, feet, and hands. If desired, we also spend time on determining the baby’s gender. We have suggestions to help the baby move around and provide pre-appointment tips to increase the success of the 4D/HD Live ultrasound appointment.

Why should I get a 4D ultrasound or HD Live ultrasound when I am going to see the baby in a few months?
Life is filled with few tender moments and this experience is one you most likely will never forget. After all, how many times will you have the opportunity to look inside someone’s body and see something so amazing? Some people are hesitant when they first call to schedule their appointment because they do not know what to expect, but customers leave our office in amazement because it was better than they expected. The warm and fuzzy feeling you feel while you are viewing the baby will be a pleasant surprise. We welcome up to 6 guests at the appointment. The ultrasound keepsakes can also be a helpful tool in notifying your child that he or she is going to be a big brother or big sister; playing their DVD may help with reducing jealousy and they can see that they were also loved and cherished during the respective pregnancy.

4D/HD Live Ultrasounds also help the father bond with the baby which may result in an increase of compassion shown towards the baby’s mother. Dads if you would like to see why she feels tired, bloated, restless, cranky, etc. schedule an ultrasound appointment and see the baby move in real time. 4D and HD Live Ultrasounds are a window to your baby and the DVD and CD of images you receive will be a great keepsake for the child to watch in the future. After all, children do grow up fast!

What if my baby is hiding or the baby doesn’t move in the correct position?
Good news! We have great ultrasound packages that offer return visit guarantees if we are unable to obtain good pictures of at least half the baby’s face. When we scan babies our goal is to obtain the best possible pictures so when the baby grows up he or she can see how cute they were before being born.

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