SneakPeek DNA Gender Blood Test

Starting at 6 weeks gestation

SneakPeek Snap™ is a device that allows us to collect your blood sample. This breakthrough blood collection innovation uses tiny micro needles to collect your sample while you relax. The sample is collected in 1-4 minutes. 90% of customers find SneakPeek Snap to be completely painless.

Step 1

Schedule an appointment by calling us at (847)818-0777. Ensure you drink plenty of water both on the day of your blood draw and the day before. Staying hydrated and ensuring you are at least 6 weeks pregnant is the key to a successful result. We will send you simple appointment tips that you will need to follow prior to your blood draw.

Step 2

Have your blood collected on-site. A trained professional will take your blood DNA sample and mail it to SneakPeek Labs for analysis.

Step 3

Choose your turnaround time. The $149 SneakPeek Fast Track provides emailed results as early as the next business day. The $129 SneakPeek Standard provides emailed results within 3 business days. Please note, some holidays affect turnaround times.

Special Bonus

$10 off the SneakPeek Doppler that you take home with you the day of your purchase.

SneakPeek Doppler price is $49.99, our special discounted price is $39.99 (while supplies last, based on availability). The SneakPeek Doppler allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat and unique sounds earlier, anytime, anywhere.

Package Includes: Fetal Doppler, Earphones, Recording Cable, Electrode Gel, User Guide, 9V Battery



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